“How To Grow Longer and Thicker Eyelashes“

eyelash serum

In a clinical test 15 subjects aged 24-82 years old tried Idol Lash eyelash serum applying it nightly like liquid eyeliner using a regular eyeliner brush for 2 weeks.

On average the subjects experienced a 25% increase in eyelash length while increasing eyelash density up to 82% within 2 -4 weeks as measured by SigmaScan software.

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Let’s face it girls, we all want great looking lashes without having to spend a fortune or risk damaging our eyes and with so many eyelash serums on the market it can be hard to find one that is not only safe but effective.

Idol Lash eyelash conditioner is one of the least irritating eyelash growth serums available and is safe to use on the most sensitive eyes giving you beautiful, sexy longer eyelashes in the shortest time possible.

“Longer, Darker Thicker More Beautiful Eyelashes“

Just think, within a few short weeks you can have the same great looking long eyelashes the stars have without having to resort to messy and expensive eyelash extensions or harmful chemicals found in some eyelash serums and conditioners.

Using Idol Lash eyelash conditioner you can safely and easily transform thin, short brittle eyelashes into sexy long eyelashes just by applying the eyelash serum at night before you go to bed.

'5 Good Reasons To Buy Idol Lash Today''

  • Clinically proven results
  • Get longer, thicker, darker eyelashes in weeks
  • Works on eyebrows too
  • Completely safe and effective
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed